·There are ways to help children with Lyme/Co-infections deal socially and emotionally.

·If your child continues to stay in a school setting and the school is unable to accommodate to your child’s needs, then setting up a 504 Plan will help make adjustments to modify workload accordingly.  A Section 504 Plan is Federal civil rights legislation.  Under it, a child with a disability has a right to accommodation to compensate for the disability.  And, it is an entitlement.  Having these accommodations met will help take stress of your child emotionally.

·Therapy or an age appropriate support group are other ways to help your child receive the tools to help cope socially and emotionally. Dealing with “normal” childhood experiences is hard enough, so having the tools to work through both will help tremendously.

·As a parent you should educate yourself about Lyme Disease and Co-infections because it is crucial to know the signs, symptoms, and tools to help your child in the best way possible.