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Certain Fruits And Vegetables Can Help Your Body Rid Itself Of EBV And Heal From Its Effects.

Rotating Your Consumption So That In A Given Week Or Two, You Get All Of These Foods Into Your System.

WILD BLUEBERRIES: Help Restore The Central Nervous System And Flush Ebv Neurotoxins Out Of The Liver.

CELERY: Strengthens Hydrochloric Acid In The Gut And Provides Mineral Salts To The Central Nervous System.
SPROUTS: High In Zinc And Selenium To Strengthen The Immune System Against EBV.

ASPARAGUS: Cleanses The Liver And Spleen; Strengthens The Pancreas.

SPINACH: Creates An Alkaline Environment In The Body And Provides Highly Absorbable Micronutrients To The Nervous System.

CILANTRO: Removes Heavy Metals Such As Mercury And Lead, Which Are Favored Foods Of Ebv.

PARSLEY: Removes High Levels Of Copper And Aluminum, Which Feed Ebv.

COCONUT OIL: Antiviral And Acts As An Anti-Inflammatory.

GARLIC: Antiviral And Antibacterial That Defends Against Ebv.

GINGER: Helps With Nutrient Assimilation And Relieves Spasms Associated With Ebv.

RASPBERRIES: Rich In Antioxidants To Remove Free Radicals From The Organs And Bloodstream

LETTUCE: Stimulates Peristaltic Action In The Intestinal Tract And Helps Cleanse Ebv From The Liver.

PAPAYAS: Restores the Central Nervous System; Strengthen And Rebuild Hydrochloric Acid In The Gut.

APRICOTS: Immune System Rebuilders That Also Strengthen The Blood.

POMEGRANATES: Help Detox And Cleanse The Blood As Well As The Lymphatic System.

GRAPEFRUIT: Rich Source Of Bioflavonoids And Calcium To Support The Immune System And Flush Toxins out of the body.

KALE: High In Specific Alkaloids That Protect Against Viruses Such As Ebv.

SWEET POTATOES: Help Cleanse And Detox The Liver From Ebv Byproducts And Toxins.

CUCUMBERS: Strengthen The Adrenals And Kidneys And Flush Neurotoxins Out Of The Bloodstream.

FENNEL: CONTAINS Strong Antiviral Compounds To Fight Off Ebv.

Strengthen Your Immune System & Body In Healing From Virus’s Effects:
CAT’S CLAW: HERB That Reduces Ebv And Cofactors Such As Strep A And Strep B.

SILVER HYD.: Lowers Ebv Viral Load

ZINC: strengthens the Immune System And Protects The Thyroid From Ebv Inflammation.

VITAMIN B12: Strengthens The Central Nervous System.

LICORICE ROOT: Lowers EBV Production And Strengthens The Adrenals And Kidneys.

LEMON BALM: antivirall & Antibacterial. Kills Ebv Cells & Strengthens The Immune System.

5-MTHF (5-METHYLTETRAHYDROFOLATE): Helps Strengthen The Endocrine System And Central Nervous System.

SELENIUM: Strengthens And Protects The Central Nervous System.

RED MARINE ALGAE: Powerful Antiviral That Removes Heavy Metals Such As Mercury And Reduces Viral Load.

L-LYSINE: lowers EBV Load And Acts As A Central Nervous System Anti-Inflammatory.

SPIRULINA (From Hawaii): Rebuilds The Central Nervous System And Eliminates Heavy Metals.

ESTER-C: Strengthens The Immune System And Flushes EBV Toxins From The Liver.

NETTLE LEAF: Provides Vital Micronutrients To The Brain, Blood, And Central Nervous System.

MONOLAURIN: Antiviral; Breaks Down Ebv Load And Reduces Cofactors.

ELDERBERRY: Antiviral Strengthens The Immune System.

RED CLOVER: Cleanses The Liver, Lymphatic System, And Spleen Of Neurotoxins From Ebv.

STAR ANISE: Antiviral; Helps Destroy Ebv In The Liver And Thyroid.

CURCUMIN: Component Of Turmeric That Helps Strengthen The Endocrine System And Central Nervous System.