·Lyme Disease can cause a range of symptoms in children that directly impacts their education. Difficulty processing information, sleep disturbances (insomnia), short term memory problems, chronic pain, anxiety just name a few can make participating in class extremely difficult.

·Symptoms can be subtle and change day to day making it hard for teachers to recognize that the child is truly sick and not being disobedient.  Children can be mistaken for being labeled as having Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).  Fatigue or not feeling well can be misinterpreted as being lazy or not wanting to do their work.

·Physical symptoms (fatigue, muscle/ joint pain,  and headaches to name a few) can be so extreme that participating in school activities such as recess to sports activities is almost impossible.

·Sensory symptoms can be a struggle for children as well. They become sensitive to light and sound making it difficult to participate in regular school activities such as eating in the cafeteria, attending field trips, or attending music class.

·Children may have to become home-schooled or enrolled part-time, depending on the type of school the child attends.