“It must be a Full Moon”

Whether it’s a myth or fact, has our Lyme diseased bodies synchronized themselves to the rhythms of the moon?

Well reading about the reproductive cycle of Borrelia Burgdorferi being every 28-30 days, and the Full Moon is every 29.53 days, it would make sense why symptoms are in alignment with the New & Full Moon.

How many of you toss and turn, then roll over and say “Know wonder, it’s a full moon!” Well research from Switzerland published in Current Biology found that people slept less, had low quality sleep, and took longer to fall asleep when the moon was full causing restlessness and insomnia.

Waking with a sluggishness feeling, a sort of full-moon Lyme hangover.

So, it’s known the lunar link to the electrochemistry of the brain, in epileptic patients changes day’s surrounding a new moon, making seizures more likely, it may also be similar to why people with Lyme disease feel heightened symptoms with the New & Full Moon, with some experiencing seizures around this time. Others report head sores, skin issues, migraines, Lyme rages, fatigue, and body aches.

The moon’s gravitational pull is undoubtedly powerful. So it’s logical to assume that it will influence the fluids flowing through our body, like blood, mucous, and brain chemicals. So, if the moon really does mess with our bodies, especially those with Lyme disease and co-infections, the phenomenon remains and sure does feel like the real deal.

Physically our bodies are of earth, but our brains and behavior belong to two.

Earth, and the rhythm of our cosmic surroundings.