Many women and men find sex and intimacy difficult after Lyme disease diagnosis. While one is ill in bed, the other is healthy and living life as normal. Chronic illness is a game changer in intimacy. A serious illness in either partner disrupts the intimate time together, but Lyme disease and co-infections really cause unique set of issues.


You feel not yourself, dirty inside with parasite’s, viruses, and extreme exhaustion. You don’t want to be touched, and you don’t want to give it to your partner! After months of protocols, you feel detached and disconnected.

Body image issues may also affect your sexual drive also, because lets face it, the debilitating affects of Lyme disease keeps you in bed all day, making you feel blah, and you don’t have that surge of romantic energy like you once did pre-Lyme.

If you are struggling with a loss of desire and feelings that you lost your attractiveness, it is important to talk to your spouse, a friend, a social worker, or sex therapist. These providers can often offer treatment and support services. LymeLilli Support groups may also help you address problems with physical intimacy.

Keeping the lines of communication open, between you and your partner is key to keeping your feelings of missing those private moments together & sexuality alive. Partners may be unsure of the best way to show support and affection. They may wait for cues from you about when to resume that intimate relationship.

Discussing each person’s concerns, and comforting each other can help you and your partner have an intimate relationship. Its easy for both parties to feel neglected, and the other feel like their just the “caretaker”. It takes an amazing amount of patience and love from each other.

Our least favorite word, but so beneficial to keep doing… Exercise! It has been shown to help improve sexuality and body image concerns. Yes, its easier to say go exercise, and when your down in bed, trying to muster up the energy for the gym is exhausting to even think about. Find inspiration, walk and get some fresh air, dream of the image you want to see in that mirror, and go. Don’t give up on yourself. You don’t have to go everyday, but try to do something, gradually. Even just to sit in the sauna. Releasing those toxins is so relieving and refreshing.

Having your loved one read topics about this, and joining the LymeLilli spousal support forums may also help too! I pray your all blessed with a loving and very patient love, because this is a “dirty feeling” disease.

Your not alone on that feeling, but those brief moments of feeling a bit better, don’t let this disease kill your vibe!

-xoxox LymeLilli