Because of your monthly gifts, families and individuals can focus on healing, and not worry about how their going to afford out-of-pocket treatments— because all a family or a loved one should worry about is the healing process of getting healthy, and building up their immune systems. So instead of worrying about the cost, people with severe chronic Lyme can focus on getting better.

What We Do

Your LymeLilli donations provide Testing & Treatment assistance options for children, pets and adults suffering with Lyme disease and Co-Infections. We work with your treating physician (Lyme Literate doctor or Medical Doctor).

We provide, depending on the Level of Care needed, assistance in the varying stages of the disease.

Donations are applied in these 3 Easy steps:

  1. Testing with Igenix (ordered by an LLMD | Physcians office)
  1. Ultimate Lyme Support System through the “Donate a Box for Detox” program
  1. Financial assistance at a Treatment Center or In Home Care for severe chronic Lyme cases


So, whether its catching the disease in its early stages and needing a test, or boosting your immune system with the Ultimate Support System Program, or needing Late Stage Treatment at a Lyme specialists office or center.

Your donations help restore health by opening up unaffordable options plans.

Igenex uses more than one strain of the bacteria as the basis of their test, and, they are the only laboratory that uses a human derived strain as opposed to a tick derived strain.  This human strain may be significant as to why more people are improving after a positive Igenex test, followed by proper treatment.

LymeLilli Quick Tip: Learn to read your Igenix tests, and look at the positive bands and the IND bands. (see below on how to read the bands)

**IND = inconclusive. Inconclusive doesn’t rule out that band to Lyme Literate doctors, especially if your symptomatic. You also may have tested when the disease isn’t active. So, always get a copy of the full report.

IGM = current & active infection     |     IgG = past exposure to infection | past infection

KDA Western blot (9 known bands)of Borrelia Burgdorferi (Lyme): 18 23 30 31 34 37 39 83 93

The Lab marks each band with intensity symbols:

–     No Present detection    

+     Low detection

++   Medium detection

+++ High detection

+ | – Equivocal IND ( somethings there, but detection not strong enough to register + )


18   LLMD’s say if this band is present is a positive, and you have Lyme  

9     Cross reactive for Lyme12   Specific for Lyme

12    Specific for Lyme Bb

20     Specific for Lyme Bb

21     Unspecific

  • Specific for Lyme (Bb)

23-25 OspC outer surface protein specific for Lyme

28      Unspecific

30       Unspecific Common in California strain (could be from other viruses)

31       OspA outer surface protein (Other viruses causes possibly)

34       Specific for Lyme Bb (outer protein)

35      Specific for Lyme

37       Specific for Lyme

38       Cross reactive for Lyme

39       Major Lyme flagellin

41      Flagellin protein of all spirochetes, 1st to appear after infection, other spirochete diseases not Lyme

45, 50, 55, 57, 60 Cross reactive for Lyme Borrellia

58         May be a Heat shock Lyme Bb protein

66         Common in all bacteria | reactive to Lyme



The CDC includes 5 non specific antibodies in the Western Blot. Criteria is 28, 41, 45, 58, and 66

This leads to false positive Lyme Western blot results.


Helpful LymeLilli Tip: Buy a Three Ring Binder and a whole puncher, to keep track of your Lyme disease history, test results, receipts and treatments. You may want to include:

  • A directory of contact info. for your health care team
  • Insurance information for doctors that provide codes for insurance claims
  • Medication lists
  • Pharmacy contact info.
  • Other medical info.
  • Calendar to help plan and keep track of appointments
  • Blank paper to write down questions and answers or to record any side effects you are having or other information for your health care team
  • Decorate it with a Quote that Inspires you


The FDA permits the marketing of tests that do not have FDA approval.

What that means is that physicians and insurers won’t accept Non-FDA approved tests. Meaning patients will need to pay for these tests out-of-pocket.


For those that qualify, we will cover the Complete Lyme Panel test from Igenix Labs.

The initial panel to order for Lyme disease is the Complete Lyme Panel.

The Complete Lyme Panel includes the IFA, Western Blots and PCR. The IFA (Immunofluorescent Assay) is a screening test for antibodies against Borrelia burgdorferi, the causative agent of Lyme disease.

The Western Blot tests determine the specific type of anti-B. burgdorferi antibodies an individual makes. The PCR tests detect B. burgdorferi-specific DNAs.

6050 – Complete Lyme Panel**:
Includes Test:

230 Lyme IFA**
188 IgM Western Blot
189 IgG Western Blot
453 Lyme PCR, serum
456 Lyme PCR, whole blood


5010 – Initial Lyme Panel:
Includes Test 188 IgM Western Blot
189 IgG Western Blot
453 Lyme PCR, serum
456 Lyme PCR, whole blood


Only your physician is able to request, change, or cancel tests. Once the test results have been released, testing can not be cancelled.


  • All age groups are eligible, pending approval, those diagnosed with Lyme disease that can demonstrate financial need.
  • Applicant must be under care of a Lyme Literate Doctor, if applying for Igenix testing assistance, you must be under the care of a physician.
  • Animals with Lyme Disease & Co-infections, or showing signs and in need of Lyme testing or treatment. (Horses, dogs, cats…)



Step 1:

Submit your video explaining why you are in need of treatment.

Submit your video here!


Step 2:

After submitting your video in Step 1, you will be contacted by the Lyme Lilli staff. If selected, you will be informed on the next steps that will be needed.